Liquidity Holdings Plc - Company Message
Leisure, Media and Entertainment Division (L.M.E)

From the straightforward to the more complex risks, our Leisure, Media and Entertainment Division delivers a tailor made financial solution that adds real value to our clients business within the Media and Entertainment sector.

Historically, overseas Media Funds have delivered competitive total returns, based on high income and comparatively at low correlation with other assets. This makes them an excellent portfolio diversifier which helps in reducing overall portfolio risk and increase returns.Whilst not exhaustive the following is a list of the broad areas we will consider investing within our L.M.E division:
  • Film and TV                            
  • Marketing                              
  • Music                                     
  • Publishing                               
  • Sales and Licensing
  • Production and Distribution
  • Sponsorship and Advertising
  • Events and Theatrical Productions 

Our investment team has a unique combination of in depth knowledge of the industry, investing experience, operating expertise, and has access to a variety of financial resources; which gives us a material advantage in managing the risks associated with this form of lending/investment.