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Real Estate Equity Fund: The preeminent time to invest in UK Real Estates as the market opportunity is now more obvious due to current factors which drive supply to outweigh demand and create opportunities for relative value deals through Tail-end Solutions to provide time and capital for redevelopment or repositioning.
  • Maximum 80% in under construction properties, Debt securities in real estate companies whether listed or unlisted, Mortgage backed securities.
  • Maximum 20% in dividend-paying equity securities, completed and rent and/or income generating properties, – Common infrastructure for composite real estate projects, industrial parks and SEZ.
For Real Estate Developer - Alternate funding mechanism and provides liquidity
  • Converts illiquid assets into liquid listed assets 
  • Comparatively cheaper source of finance – help improving margins
For Investor – Portfolio Diversification and earn steady returns
  • Access to high value real estate market typically with low correlation with other stocks and bonds.
  • Competitive long-term performance
  • Substantial, stable dividends yields

Secondary Real Asset Fund: Real assets have long been viewed as stable investments and have diversified institutional and individual portfolios for decades. Although such hard assets are defined as tangible and physical ones that have value due to their substance and properties, the point of no return comes when the effect of liquidation has a greater impact on the value of the remaining assets than the amount of cash raised from the liquidation. If this happens, the Investment is caught in an accelerating, downward spiral, and eventually it will not be able to satisfy the demands of its creditors or investors. Once the losses move beyond a critical point, it becomes a self-sustaining crisis that feeds off of the need for liquidity, a need imposed by the demands of its creditors and investors. 
The fund offers institutional investors substantial diversification by investment strategy, geography, industry sector and fund manager.
  • to providing exposure to private equity across economic and market cycles.
  • to achieve early liquidity from their PE assets
  • to manage their portfolios more proactively
  • to modify their business models in response to regulatory or strategic change

Short-Intermediate Total Return Media Fund: The fund provides short and medium term liquidity, on a low to medium risk level, to film production, distribution, television and other media and entertainment content by way of specialised loans, investment or debenture secured against a variety of assets.

Liquidity Global Investment Fund: A unique investment solution aims to identify opportunities resulting from long term expansion of emerging economies, the emergence of the middle class and purchasing power in leading emerging market economies. The service is designed to meet the specific needs of wealthy individuals, family offices, endowments, foundations, and pension plans and it serves investors around the world, working to ensure they understand the opportunities, as well as the risks, associated with market structure, liquidity, transparency and diminishing purchasing power as real interest rates change from country to country.

New Tech & Media Fund: The fund provides large-scale investments in market-leading media, entertainment, and other related businesses. The fund will focus on investing in intellectual property and content oriented businesses, as well as traditional media and entertainment companies, where we can partner with management to enhance growth and profitability through a combination of strategic capital and operational insight.  
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